Terms & Conditions

By placing an online order you are automatically accepting our terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are provided at the point of ordering, and are available on this web site. These conditions may be periodically updated (without prior notice).

Pricing & Payment

Seafood is a natural product and therefore has varying weights and sizes.  Whilst we have tried to give very close to actual weights and sizes, we cannot give precise weights at the point of sale in our online shop.

We have a special ‘Secure Token Payment Facility’ provided by EWAY (our third party secure Payment Gateway). This facility halts the finalisation of your payment transaction until we have adjusted the invoice and approved it at our end.

This means we will (after your order has been picked and packed for delivery), adjust your order invoice / and credit card payment transaction and correct the weight, size or transaction value.

Your payment will then proceed with the ‘Weight Adjustment’ shown and a copy of this final transaction e-mailed to you.


To utilise our online facility you must, as part of the Terms & Conditions,  ‘Agree To Leave’ your goods at the door. Ideally we would prefer that you be home to accept delivery, however if you are not our Courier will leave your goods at the door. We take no responsibility for goods that are missing or damaged should you not be at home to accept delivery.

Our goods are delivered by a Courier Contract Company. Our delivery areas pricing / post codes may change in accordance with the areas they offer to us. Post codes may be added or removed or changed to a different pricing zone – this is based on the availability of service from our provider.

We reserve the right to make changes (without notice) to the availability of delivery to an individual / particular street address or post code. This is in accordance with the availability of service from our Courier Provider. The courier can refuse delivery to an address that poses a high level of difficulty or limited / or unsafe access.


Please note: Supplying our customers with fresh product is always our first preference but due to demand and availability a combination of both fresh and frozen products may be used to fill your order. Some seafood lines are only available frozen and will be thawed for your convenience.

All items are subject to availability. If the item you have chosen is vastly different in size from your order or has been sold out or now not available our Management team will contact you and either credit your order, or replace the item upon your approval and charge you accordingly.
If we cannot contact you in enough time prior to the courier arriving we will remove the item from your order and change the transaction. Please make sure you have included e-mail and telephone contact details on your invoice or in your user profile.

Product Marketing Names
Our product labeling complies with the ‘Australian Fish Names Standard of 2007 (AS SSA 5300)’.
In accordance with this standard product labels must display the correct ‘Approved Marketing Name’ & ‘Country of Origin’.

Changing or altering your order

Please take care at the point of check-out and choose correctly as unfortunately our system cannot alter or edit your order. You will need to place an additional order on a separate transaction.
Our Cancellation / Refund Policy is listed separately on this web site and forms part of our terms and conditions, please take time to read and understand these policies.


Your seafood order has been packed with ‘best practises in mind for food safety during transit’.
It is NOT recommended to leave your goods unattended for periods of more than 4 hours.

Safe Food Handling

Upon receiving your goods:
Remove from bags and place product in the fridge and cover (for best results cover with grease-proof paper or similar), seafood is best stored at 0 – 4 Celsius and kept in the
coldest part of your fridge. – Drain excess liquid frequently (do not allow seafood to sit in excess liquid,)
NEVER ALLOW COOKED & RAW seafood to be in direct contact.