Morgans Seafood Sauce Medium & large
Morgans Seafood SauceMorgans Seafood Sauce Medium & largeMorgans Seafood Sauce and Tartare Sauce

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    PRODUCT NAME:  Morgans Seafood Sauce (Medium or Large)

    DETAILS:  Medium 70gm, Large 250gm

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    ABOUT:  Morgans  Seafood Sauce is available in two sizes, Medium (70 gram) & Large (250gm) size. These sauces are made in-house using our own special recipe of……

    EATING:  ‘Seafood Sauce’ (otherwise known as ‘Cocktail Sauce’ is one of the world’s most well-known and popular seafood accompaniments. Originally invented by British Television Cook and Restaurant Critic Fanny Cradock  in the 70’s it has since made its fame world-wide.

    The tangy sauce works perfectly with the salty flavours of seafood and is popular with all age groups and all taste palettes.

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    Medium 70gm, Large 250gm

    Large 250gr