Pacific Oysters, Tasmania and South Australia
Pacific Oysters, Tasmania and South AustraliaPacific Oysters, Tasmania and South Australia

Oysters in the half Shell, Sydney Rock

PER DOZ - Based on the oyster size

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    PRODUCT:   Australian Sydney Rock Oysters in the half shell,

    SOLD BY:  Sold by the Dozen, priced per dozen oysters based on the size oyster chosen

    DETAILS:  Available in Medium or Large from NSW & QLD. Shucked by our oyster bar.

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    ABOUT:  Australian Sydney Rock Oysters, in the half shell. Our Oysters are harvested and transported to Morgans ‘LIVE’ and shucked by our oyster bar. In-store they are sold by the half dozen. Online they are sold by the dozen. Available in Medium or Large

    Sydney Rock oysters are native to Australia and grow mainly in NSW, with some production in Southern QLD, VIC, and in Albany, WA. Sydney Rock Oysters take 2-4 years to reach marketable size. They are harvested all year round but the season is at its peak in summer. They have triangular-shaped, smoother shells with a creamy autumn tone to their colour.  They are generally also smaller (6-8cm), and milder tasting, than Pacific’s. Our Sydney Rock Oysters are harvested mainly from the Tuross Lakes region which produces a top quality great tasting oyster. EATING:  Poet Leon-Paul Fargue described the act of eating an oyster as being to “kiss the sea on the lips”.  This is exactly how the oyster should taste. Lightly briny, mineral and salty with nothing more than a splash of lemon accompany it. Sydney Rock Oysters have a rich, creamy taste and are more minerally than other oysters.

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