Baby Octopus Australian
Baby Octopus AustraliaAustralian Baby OctopusAustralian Baby OctopusBaby Octopus

Octopus Whole (Raw) Australian

$20.99 Per Kilogram
For 1 Kilo

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    PRODUCT NAME: Octopus, Whole

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    Whole Raw Octopus processed and ready to cook.

    ABOUT: Australian WHOLE Octopus, (RAW) ready-to-cook!

    Octopus are cephalopods (this group also includes Squid and Cuttlefish), they don’t have external shells and they squirt thick black ink to help distract predators.

    EATING: Octopus is a popular seafood delicacy. It has a soft texture and yet its firm, chewy and has a mild sea taste. Octopus is popular with many cultures and is particularly prominent in Greek Cuisine. It has a unique seafood flavour  and is enjoyed mostly barbecued or pan-fried whole with cracked black pepper, and a generous squeeze of lemon – for those who love garlic then add a little garlic butter just prior to the octopus being cooked.

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