Mussels marinated, ready to eat, New Zealand

Mussels, Marinated Tubs

EACH 375gm TUB

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    PRODUCT NAME:  NZ Green Lip Mussel, cooked, shelled and marinated (ready-to-eat)

    • – Plain
    • – Garlic
    • – Chilli

    SOLD BY: Sold by the 375gm tub

    DETAILS:  Sold in a sealed tub.

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    Product Description

    ABOUT: Delicious NZ Green Lip Mussels (harvested, shelled / meated and blanched)  available in 375gm tubs. We have three types on offer one plain and two which have been marinated in a specialty marinade.

    • – Plain
    • – Chilli
    • – Garlic

    Please choose the option and how many tubs you require.

    ABOUT:  Delicious NZ Green Lip Mussels in the shell, harvested, washed & packed and marinated. Green-lipped mussels are bivalves that are native to coastal New Zealand, where they are an integral part of the traditional Maori diet. They have a green shell, which is how they got their name, and are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. Green-lipped mussels can be eaten raw and are commonly farmed (like oysters), but most prefer their mussels cooked. Green Lip Mussels are a rich source of protein and have great health benefits. 

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    Plain, Garlic, Chilli