Queensland Mud Crab, cooked & chilled (ready to eat)
Queensland Mud Crab, cooked and chilled (ready-to-eat)

Mud Crab, Cooked

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    PRODUCT NAME:  Queensland Mud Crab, Whole, cooked, chilled and ready-to-eat!

    SOLD BY: Sold by the kilo

    DETAILS:  Our Mud Crabs come is various sizes which alters in seasons the average Crab Size is approx 1 – 1.7 kilos

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    ABOUT:  Queensland Mud Crab, cooked, chilled and ready-to-eat.  Our mud crabs are caught locally and  ‘East Coast of Queensland’ prominently in the Rockhampton area

    The average Crab  Size is 1 to 1.7 kilos.

    Our Mud Crabs are caught mainly on the muddy bottoms of shallow coastal mangroves in the Rockhampton areas and regions of north Queensland and the Northern Territory. It is only legal to recreationally or commercially catch Male (bucks) Mudcrabs, Female Mudcrabs (jenny’s) are protected. It is common for Mubrabs to ‘throw a claw’ (detach and discard one of their claws) this is to distract their predators whilst they escape. This does not harm the crab, in-fact miraculously they can grow back a claw, these one clawed crabs are called (diggers). Or if you buy a Mudcrab that has one large and one smaller claw that is why (they may have regrown a claw from a previous incident). They are available year round. Supply peaks from January to April in Queensland and NSW and from May to August in the NT. They have large front legs and developed claws and generally weigh 700g-2.5kg however in peak season they can come in larger sizes 3 kilo+. In-store we sell live Mud Crabs but online we can supply as (Raw) or (Cooked).

    EATING:   They have a sweet flesh that has a stronger flavour and firmer texture than that of other Crabs and has an earthy distinctive flavour. The Queensland Mud Crab is highly regarded by seafood lovers world wide.



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