Local Crimson Snapper caught in Queensland
crimson_snapper_whole_2crimson_snapper_filletLocal Crimson Snapper caught in QueenslandAustralian Crimson Snapper

Snapper, Crimson, Whole

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    PRODUCT NAME:  Australian Crimson Snapper, Whole.

    SOLD BY: Sold by the FISH SIZE and priced per kilo

    DETAILS:  Delivered fresh and gutted by our filleting team, the average fish size is 2.2 kilos, Supplied ‘Scales On’.

    PLEASE READ:  A Weight Adjustment may apply to this product please read below.

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    ABOUT:  Australian Crimson Snapper Whole, (RAW ) ready-to-cook!  Crimson is wild-caught, it is a saltwater and estuarine fish often inhabits deep rocky and coral reefs waters (100m) and rubble seabeds. Mainly caught off Queensland.

    EATING:  Crimson Snapper cooks-up white and is very versatile in cooking methods and has a very mild fishy flavour. Crimson Snapper has a mild flavour, low in oiliness, moist, firm chicken breast like texture, flesh is white when cooked , when uncooked its dark pink in colour with a distinctive dark pick bloodline. It is very versatile and suits many cooking methods. Crimson Snapper are often large, but the smaller fish are excellent baked whole (gilled and gutted – of course).

    WEIGHT VARIATIONS : A ‘Weight Adjustment’ may appear on your final invoice. This adjustment may apply:

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    1.700kg – 2.000kg, 2.000kg – 2.500kg