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Bugs, Moreton Bay (Cooked)

EACH BUG - $10.00

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    PRODUCT NAME:  Queensland Moreton Bay Bugs, cooked, chilled and ready-to-eat!

    SOLD BY: Sold by the each based on the size bug chosen

    DETAILS: Our bugs are available in small, medium or large and for your convenience we have listed the bugs ‘each’ so you can order exactly how many bugs you require.

    PLEASE READ:  A Weight Adjustment may apply to this product please read below.


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    ABOUT:  Queensland Moreton Bay Bugs, cooked, chilled and ready-to-eat! Our bugs come in various sizes; small, medium & large. Our Queensland bugs are caught East Coast of Queensland (predominantly North Queensland) and in-season they can be also caught right here in Moreton Bay.

    EATING: Sweet mild flavour with a firm texture. The flesh is translucent (uncooked) and white like lobster meat (when cooked). Bugs are very versatile and suit many styles of cooking and cuisines. They are fabulous eating, and used to be known many years ago as ‘the poor man’s lobster’. Caught in Moreton Bay, coastal areas of Queensland and Far North Queensland. They are quite different in taste to a Balmain Bug (NSW Bug) – which has a more garlic-like flavour. Moreton Bay bugs are exquisite cooked and served cold with seafood sauce, a dipping sauce or simple lime or lemon  and are also a very popular choice as a hot dish. Mornay Bugs, Garlic Bugs…. No reputable seafood restaurant would have a menu without Moreton Bay bugs listed.

    WEIGHT VARIATIONS : A ‘Weight Adjustment’ may appear on your final invoice. This adjustment may apply:

    • – An additional charge (to add the extra weight of seafood included in your order) or alternatively
    • –  A credit on your invoice (for the reduced weight of an item).

    A copy of the final invoice will be e-mailed when your order is ready for shipping. Seafood has variations in weights and sizes. We have graded our products in sizes to reduce large variances in prices however, we cannot give precise weights at the point of sale in our online shop. Once your order has been picked, weighed and packed any variations to the advertised weight / or price will be adjusted on your invoice and e-mailed to you.

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    Small (110-120gm), , Medium (160-220gm), , Large (180-210gm)


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