How to Order


STEP ONE: Browse the selection of seafood and when you find a product that you wish to buy click the option (size) and then the quantity you wish to purchase and then click ‘ADD TO CART’.
If you want multiple numbers of the same item but in different sizes for example: 5 Large and 3 Small Bugs, then choose a size, input the quantity and ‘ADD TO CART’ then repeat the process choosing the different size.

STEP TWO:  As soon as items are added to your cart they will be added to the ‘SHOPPING TROLLEY’ icon at the top right of screen. This icon will keep a running total for you of what is in your shopping cart. To view your cart and make changes click the ‘SHOPPING TROLLEY’ or open ‘MY ACCOUNT.

STEP THREE:  To ‘VIEW YOUR CART’ and make changes click the ‘SHOPPING TROLLEY’ or open ‘MY ACCOUNT’. You can add or delete items at will and then press the ‘Update Order’ and this will apply the transaction and alter the amounts on screen.
If you are not finished shopping just simply click the ‘Shop’ button on the main menu and keep adding more items.

STEP FOUR:  Once you are ready to finalise your order you need to then click ‘CHECKOUT’. This will take you through the process of collecting the necessary delivery and payment information.
Please make sure you take care to complete your delivery address correctly. Any fields that have a
*Means this is a required field – you must fill in the information required in this field.
Make sure that you give us your contact phone number in case we need to trouble shoot something on your order.  Once you click ‘PAY’ or ‘CONTINUE’ you will have a secure EWAY page open that will manage your private credit card details. We do not have or store this information. Your credit card details are handled by a secure payment gateway. The information is stored on their secure server until we finalise your weights. If an adjustment needs to take place to alter the actual weights we will adjust your invoice and transaction and then process your payment.

STEP FIVE:  At this point your should have received a Welcome E-mail to our Newsletter (if you checked the newsletter box) and a confirmation of your order.

STEP SIX:  Our office will send you a ‘PROCESSING’ email this is just to let you know that we have read your order and we are in the process of getting this ready for you.

STEP SEVEN:  Once your order is picked and packed ready for the courier our office will make any ‘Weight Adjustments’ they need to make on your invoice (debit or credit) and then send you an e-mail to let you know that your order is ready for shipping and the final invoice.

STEP EIGHT:  The Courier picks up your order and delivers it out to you on the day you have chosen.