• Q. Can I have my order delivered to my place of work?
  • A. Yes, The same delivery conditions apply. You need to ‘ATL’ (agree to leave); ideally you would be there to accept delivery. We take no responsibility for goods that are missing or damaged should you not be at work to accept delivery.


  • Q. What happens if I am not home when my order is delivered?
  • A. As part of the Terms & Conditions of using this facility you have agreed to (ATL) ‘Authority To Leave’, this means the driver will knock at your door and if you don’t respond they will leave the goods at your door in the best possible location


  •   Q. What happens if I order a product and you do not have stock, but I have been charged for it?
  • A. We will manually alter your invoice and put a credit through for the item we cannot supply Our staff will contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss a replacement (if time permits before your delivery leaves).


  • Q. Can I have something delivered on a different day or time?
  • A. We only offer the delivery days and times as per our shipping information. You cannot arrange a delivery outside of these times or days.


  • Q. I can see a ‘Weight Adjustment’ on my invoice, what is that for?
  • A. This is the ‘Weight Adjustment’ for your order, this happens when items in your order are over or under the weight / price advertised on the site. Seafood has variations in weights and sizes so we have graded our products in sizes to reduce large variances in prices however we cannot give precise weights at the point of sale in our online shop.


  • Q. What happens if there is an item left out of my order?
  • A. Check your invoice to make sure that you were not charged for this item. We may be temporarily out-of-stock of that item and if we cannot contact you to replace it with an alternative we will remove the item and credit your invoice. If you have been charged for this item and it is missing please take a picture of your delivery box and e-mail this, our office and one of our management team will be in-touch to assist you with rectifying this matter. (online@morganseafood.com.au)  
  • Q. What happens if my order is not correct and I have goods that are not what I have ordered?
  • A. Please check your invoice with your order, please take a picture of your delivery box and e-mail this, our office and one of our management team will be in-touch to assist you with rectifying this matter. (online@morganseafood.com.au).We will make arrangements to get the incorrect order picked up and replaced with a correct order or part thereof.
    Please note: we can only pick-up and re-send goods on the designated delivery days, if a mistake occurs on a Friday delivery we cannot arrange to have the order picked up until Monday (you will be required to refrigerate this product until it can be returned). On the Monday a courier will come to pick up the goods from you and a replacement order will be sent on the next delivery day.  
  • Q. I have placed an order but I did not receive a confirmation e-mail?
  • A. Please first check your junk box, then if you still cannot find it please e-mail our office (online@morganseafood.com.au). If your credit card did not go through the order will not have been processed at our end. Please contact us and we can easily check this for you.


  • Q. Is all of my seafood products fresh?
  • A. Supplying our customers with fresh product is always our first preference but due to demand and availability a combination of both fresh and frozen products may be used to fill your order. Some seafood lines are only available to us as frozen product (these are snap frozen on board the vessel at the time of capture); we will then thaw for your convenience.